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The future always comes sooner than you expect.

Colata is a web3 development company exploring big ideas in identity, ownership, utility & interoperatibility to push the crypto, NFT e web3 space foward



Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of web 3.0 with Blockchain, VR/AR technology, NFTs and next-gen 3D Design. Creating storytelling, community and new immersive experience.

We are building the bridge between the real world and the new digital world.



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We believe Web3 is not just leveraging blockchain technology to build smth. It's about using purposeful experience design and strategy to leverage data and creating a brand utility that supports your business and marketing efforts.

When we see how most brands launch NFT drops or Tokens, we don't see the long-term value in just selling or listing, we'see real contribution to the greater community. We're more focused on partnering with you to create thoughtful, innovative applications that can support it's community entire lifecycle from awareness through post-purchase behaviors - with each application being practical for years after it launches. It's all about paper hands!

Relationships based

on trust

Secure your project with an awesome team, building trust within your community.

Web3's experts:

Colata combines a tailor-made service, performed by the most specialized Web3 team on the market, with a strategic and proven vision of the strategies related to the web3 world.

Web3 innovation

Proactivity and priority access to new products, exclusive Alpha/Beta (Whitelisting) and access to the latest market strategies.

We believe the blockchain space has a massive potential to disrupt every facet of our economy. It’s a matter of when and how not if. We strive to be bold by working with a range of both established organizations and businesses that want to utilize the power of Blockchain in their products and services.

We focus on creating rich and engaging user experiences with strategy that can help you appeal to an ever-growing market.

We are a full-cycle digital design/ development company that works with Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse and high tech projects

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